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Spring cleaning – organize your desk and computer files like a boss

[fa icon="calendar'] 03.18.2016 / by Corporate

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Sorry, your mom doesn’t work here. So, here’s our obligatory spring cleaning blog. And don't worry if you're a secret sloppy coworker. We have our suspicions, that's why we're sharing these tips with everyone.

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Does your work environment need some help?

[fa icon="calendar'] 02.22.2016 / by Creative and Communications

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In a recent survey of Arrowhead, ACM and OnPoint employees, we asked which companies you love and why. As the results rolled in, work environment ranked fourth. When probed more deeply as to what our coworkers mean by work environment, they immediately start talking about Google's campus.

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And now a word from Facilities...

[fa icon="calendar'] 01.20.2016 / by Facilities

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Facilities has a hard job. They have the tough task of reminding us - business professionals - to clean up our messes in the break rooms, don't steal office supplies and to not use small electrical appliances so we avoid fires. No one wants to be the bearer of those messages! That's why we thought we'd have a little fun and create helpful commercials to remind us of these basic guidelines around the office.


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