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Posted by Creative and Communications on 02.22.2016
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In a recent survey of Arrowhead, ACM and OnPoint employees, we asked which companies you love and why. As the results rolled in, work environment ranked fourth. When probed more deeply as to what our coworkers mean by work environment, they immediately start talking about Google's campus.

We've all seen the photos from Googleplex, Google's giant three-million-square-foot headquarters in Santa Clara, California. If you haven't, check out these photos posted directly from Googlers (employees.) Or these photos from Zappos employees from their downtown Las Vegas HQ. Zappos offers another look into a whimsical work campus.

While these spaces are cool, setting a precedent for other companies to emulate, we have to remember: not every company has the hundreds of millions of dollars to build indoor ball pits or rock climbing walls.

A few years back, the Arrowhead San Diego office underwent a major renovation. When we surveyed our fellow coworkers, natural lighting was the number one change everyone requested. Since not all of our offices will have the budget to overhaul our spaces to look like Google's main campus, we thought we'd start off small. (Like very small.) 

Spruce up your space with these jazzy new PC wallpapers.

Want to feel the sand in your toes (hypothetically) while working on those spreadsheets? Then this beach-theme scene is for you.




Need to breathe in that fresh air instead of the recycled air-conditioned stuff at work? Well, we can't give you the air so how about downloading this breathtaking scene of the mountains? 



 Here is a full list of wallpaper selections:  

Aurora | French Fries | Hamburger | Ice Cream | Kittens | Puppy | Stars | Swing | Tullips | Vineyard | Waterfall

How to set your wallpaper: 

1. Click on the image you would like to set as your wallpaper

2. Right click and save the image. Make sure to remember the folder name of where you saved it. 

3. Open the file and right click on the image.

4. Right click and select "Set desktop image" 

5. Enjoy! 

Feel free to come back any time to change your desktop image.  


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