What’s my PTO balance & how does it accrue?

Posted by Human Resources on 01.22.2016
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Planning on taking some time off? You'll need an up-to-date balance on your PTO.  Just log into Attendance on Demand and click on the Benefits tab at the top. You'll see your PTO activity and balance listed at the top of page. This is also where you submit your requests for PTO. Don't forget that each year we all get a floating holiday. Make sure you use it, because it cannot be rolled over to the next calendar year or cashed out at termination.

Your paycheck stub also lists your current PTO account balance, which can be viewed by logging into ADP Vantage. Click on Myself on the top navigation, then choose Money, then Pay Statements. Select your latest check, and you can view your PTO balance on the image of your pay stub. 

But let's say you're trying to calculate how much more PTO you need in order to take time off a few months from now. Check out how to do some quick vacation planning math with our handy-dandy chart.

PTO is accrued on a daily basis. Only full-time employees earn PTO, so if you work a 40-hour week, the chart below shows how it adds up. If you work at least 30 but less than 40 hours per week, your PTO is accrued on a pro-rata basis. (For instance, if you work 30 hours per week and have worked for Arrowhead, ACM or OnPoint for five years or less, multiply 30 hours x 0.1155 = 3.465 hours per pay period.)

Length of Service

Hours Accrued Per Pay Period

Annual Total

1st Day – 5 years

4.62 hours

15 days

5.1 – 6 years

4.93 hours

16 days

6.1 – 7 years

5.24 hours

17 days

7.1 – 8 years

5.54 hours

18 days

8.1 – 9 years

5.85 hours

19 days

9.1 – 10 years

6.16 hours

20 days

Now that you know how much time you'll have accrued by summer, where do you think you want to go? Need ideas? Check out these top vacation spots from U.S. News & World Report. Or if you're looking for a chuckle, take a look at these funny family vacation photos.


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