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Posted by Human Resources on 01.20.2016
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From new employee onboarding to leadership style training, Brown & Brown University courses are now available for every employee. Based on Saba Cloud technology, the learning management system (LMS) offers courses customized for each user.

“We’re excited about the new learning management system,” said Lisa Stahl, Arrowhead's commercial division chief operating officer, who also contributed to the B&B University LMS development. “It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate."

The system automatically enrolls employees in a sequence of classes based on their job role and division, provides a timeline and then sends reminder emails along the way. “When you log in, you’ll see your profile and progress of your classes in process, completed and those still outstanding,” explained Arrowhead’s Vineeta Choudhary, senior project manager of the B&B University LMS with Saba.
Courses available now include employee onboarding for new employees and the School of Service for CSRs and any other customer-facing employees. Upcoming training modules will include the School of Finance (accounting topics), School of Sales, School of Team Resources (HR topics), School of Business (technical and leadership skills for PCLs) and School of Internal Review  (performance management.)

Optional classes such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Prezi will be added at a later date.

“And this is just the beginning. We will be able to help our teammates track CE credits and provide a number of independent learning opportunities in the future," said Rich Freebourn, project sponsor and executive vice president, people officer at Brown & Brown, in his official launch announcement to all B&B teammates earlier this month. "Better yet, the Brown & Brown University LMS has a collaborative and secure social networking tool to enhance your learning experience through interaction with other teammates.”


Begin your experience by logging in to B&B University and click the “ME” tab in the top menu for more information on your learning plan. Your user ID is your work email address, and your initial password is Welcome + your date of birth in this format:  WelcomeYYYYMMDD.  You will need to change your password when you log in for the first time.  If you experience any issues or have any questions, send an email to

New online classes are modern and interactive with quizzes
built right in.
iii “Courses may include virtual classrooms, collaborative learning and also modules accessible via your mobile," said Vineeta. "They're very interactive; you’ll see they’re light years from the old PowerPoint classes we had before. There are lots of activities and animation, a modern look and feel and short quizzes throughout to keep you engaged." 


Courses average 20 minutes

Yep, you can pause the class

Helpful audio transcripts are available

Employees who are signed up will receive emails when new classes are available


The Team Behind the Curtain

Brown & Brown University is a joint effort of the Brown & Brown Education Committee: Rich Freebourn (executive vice president, people officer, B&B), Renee Strukel (director, team resources- training development and market security, B&B), Lisa Stahl (commercial division COO, Arrowhead), Datha Santomieri (director of strategic projects, Arrowhead Aftermarket), Lynn Johnson (senior executive vice president, Calsurance), Kelly Burger (director, team resources - acquisitions and review, B&B) and Patti Winchester (IOL, wholesale division, B&B). The group also includes Arrowhead’s specialized IS team of Adam Nordost (chief information officer), Gladys Sanciangco (enterprise data architect) and Vineeta Choudhary (senior project manager). 

Classes were developed by new Brown & Brown employees Maggie Cowan and James Hall, both of whom have a wealth of experience in the e-learning industry. They continue to develop new courses and serve as architects for the system.

Ready for the final act? 

Part three of this series will talk about the Tuition assistance program. Click below to read how to take part in continuing your education and how Arrowhead can help develop your career. 


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