National Programs Overview

Posted by Corporate on 01.21.2016


In the summer of 2014, Brown & Brown consolidated its existing Programs Division, known as National Programs. Arrowhead's management team was honored to take on the task of uniting the companies around the country. The goal - Become a unified organization so that our combined size can make a bigger impact in the marketplace. Over the next year we will be featuring our sister companies and fellow coworkers in our newsletter and blog.


Our goal is to be the most efficient and innovative Program Manager in the specialty insurance market, providing opportunities for growth and enrichment for our teammates, carriers and distribution groups. - Chris Walker, National Programs CEO


$2.6 Billion Written Premium  |  40+ Carriers  |  100+ Products  |  35+ Programs


Working Together

To help facilitate the mission of connecting with each other, key departments have joined forces to share our knowledgebase with each other and to see where we might be able to save the organization money. From this notion, multiple councils were born: The Technology Council, the Marketing Council and the Claims Council. Info on these groups is maintained on Arrowhead's Wiki and accessed here, with your approved company login.

To receive the National Programs quick reference guide on the programs available and contacts, please contact Tim Grant, President of Marine and National Programs Marketing Council member.








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