Live healthy and get $300 in your pocket

Posted by Human Resources on 03.30.2017
Human Resources


If you’re enrolled in one of Brown & Brown’s United Healthcare plans, you can earn a $300 wellness reward in your paycheck this year.

What will you do with the extra $300?

Here’s what you need to do, says Tish Masucci, Arrowhead’s Human Resources manager.



Log onto

If you’ve not yet registered, click on Register Now; add your name, birth date, Member ID (from your health plan card) and Group Number 909131. Then create a Username and Password.
Now click on the Health & Wellness tab, then Learn More on the Rally banner.



Click on Sign Up at the Welcome to Rally page and follow three simple on-screen steps. Once you register for Rally, click on Start the Health Survey to answer six initial questions required to access Rally Dashboard.



Complete the entire Health Survey now to earn 25% towards your annual goal (or you can complete it later). From the Rally Dashboard, you can join Missions, review Rewards program activities, and track your Wellness Rewards progress.


Rally-Earn 100percent.png

Completing the health survey earns you 25% towards your annual 100% goal. You’ll learn your “Rally age” calculated from your answers, to give you an idea of your current health.
Now you need to complete the remaining 75 percent*. You can do this by:

  • Completing three Rally Missions to earn another 50 percent. Here are your categories to choose from:

    Wellness goal dashboard.png

    The activities are not difficult. For instance, some of the stress-reducing tasks are to spend 20 minutes a day meditating, attend a weekly yoga class, spend 20 minutes a day reading and declutter your space. Healthy weight tasks include eating mindfully (not just because the clock says it’s meal time), using a smaller plate, cutting back on sugar, swapping sugary drinks for water, stretch every day and track what you eat. Most of the missions are a month long, requiring you to check in at least three times a week online to report your progress. Easy-peasy when you set yourself a calendar reminder to log on to Rally.
  • OR complete a UHC telephonic Wellness Coaching Program (3-5 calls for completion of a goal) by calling 1-800-478-1057 to earn 50 percent.
  • Then complete an annual preventive physical exam (preventive only; includes prenatal exams) to earn the remaining 25 percent.
  • Complete all by Dec. 31, 2017.

    * Teammates who qualify based on claims criteria can complete a Disease Management Program to earn 75% towards annual 100% goal. A UHC Disease Management advocate will notify qualified participants.

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