Professional growth, part 1 - How to advance your career

Posted by Human Resources on 01.22.2016
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Was one of your New Year’s goals to learn something new to advance your career? When we surveyed employees back in November, the number one interest expressed was learning about professional growth opportunities and career path advancement within our companies. So we talked with folks in HR, IS and various other groups to get the down low on employee education opportunities. Here’s what we found.

Recently launched Brown & Brown University offers
customized training for every employee

From new employee onboarding to leadership style training, B&B University courses are now available for every employee.  The system will automatically enroll employees in a sequence of classes based on their job role and division, provide a timeline and then send reminder emails along the way.

“We’re excited about the new learning management system,” said Lisa Stahl, commercial division COO, who also contributed to the B&B University LMS development. “It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The classes are a giant step above our old classes.”

Courses available now include employee onboarding and the School of Service, for CSRs and any other customer-facing employees. Read more about the Brown & Brown University and how it contributes to our coworkers' professional growth in part two of this three part series. 


Additional training and certifications available
through Tuition Assistance Program

Whether you need to complete continuing education credits to maintain a license, begin coursework to help you achieve a license, or would like to pursue another professional designation such as project management, Arrowhead offers tuition assistance.

Classes for CE credits are the most often-used for tuition assistance. Carolyn Marshall, licensing and compliance coordinator, oversees our online CE program and can help you locate the courses you need. You can also view programs here.

“Several employees have earned their AU (Associate Underwriter) or CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter) designations through our tuition assistance program,” said Tish Masucci, Arrowhead’s HR manager. “They take classes via The Institutes (American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters)."

How easy was Arrowhead’s tuition assistance program? “Very straightforward,” Rob Baker, assistant vice president, commercial business systems, said. “I talked with my manager and once we decided on a course of action, I enrolled in the class, paid the tuition fees, filled out the tuition reimbursement form and the cost was reimbursed within the next reimbursement cycle.”

Need more incentive than just free classes to study for that designation? Here’s another reason: an employee bonus.

Bonuses are based on the average preparation time to successfully complete the certification, and can range from a $75 bonus for a general title such as Notary, up to $2,000 for completing a CPCU designation.

“It’s important to work with your team leader to identify your career path, and then set your goals,” Rob summed up. “Identify your goals and then work to achieve them. Advancement comes to those who create goals and work toward them, classes or no.”

Find out more about tutition assistance in part three of this series.





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