Accounting is making it rain with personal travel discounts

Posted by Accounting on 01.20.2016


We just wrapped up the holidays, but many of us are already thinking about our next vacation. It’s two and a half months until Spring Break. Where are you planning to go? A family trip to Disney World? A cruise to the Caribbean? Snow skiing at the Sundance Resort in Utah?

Whichever you choose, you can get more bang for your buck by booking your personal travel on Brown & Brown’s Concur travel site. Hooray! More money for souvenirs and tropical drinks with umbrellas in them. We are encouraged to use the site as much as possible, because the more we use it, the more discounts we can get for both personal and business travel.

“All Brown & Brown employees traveling for company business should be using Concur already,” said Steve Gorlick, accounting regional operations leader.  “In fact, it will be mandatory for all business travel starting the end of March.”


But why use Concur for your personal travel?

  • Can you say DISCOUNTS! Access all of the company's preferred partner rates
  • Automatically adds your personal frequent traveler program information so you continue to
    earn points for both business and personal travel
  • One-stop shop for flights, hotels, rental cars and rail reservations
  • 24/7 online and phone support from Teplis Travel
  • Simplifies travel arrangements by:
    • Generating and storing eReceipts (electronic receipt images)
    • Using TripIt Apps, you can manage your entire trip – flight, rental car, hotel, dining, events – in a single master itinerary and share with family or coworkers

When you travel for business, you’ll enjoy these features as well:
  • Concur Mobile App  allows you to enter expenses real-time by taking a photo of receipts and submitting directly to your expense account
  • Your travel bookings link straight to your expense report, saving you time
  • Expense report reviews and approvals are streamlined
  • Your frequent traveler program(s), even personal ones, continue to grow in points

“Our business travelers – and their managers – are going to be delighted with this updated version of Concur,” Steve added. “No more searching for those missing receipts. And the approval process is easy, too.”

How to get setup with Concur

If you used the old Concur system, you can continue to use your same log-in credentials. If you’ve never used Concur, chances are you're already in the system. Kayla Jenkins, B&B's application services and support specialist, says that a majority of employees have already been loaded into Concur from ADP. The website is; your user name is your email address and your password is welcome. If you cannot log in, then email to request setup, providing just your name, email address and profit center number. The setup process should take no longer than 24 hours.

When entering the website for the first time, there are a few must-do steps before you can book travel:

  • Follow instructions to change your password
  • Review and update your profile. Verify that your full name is identical to what's on your driver's license; you'll also need to verify your employee ID (found in your ADP profile and pay stub), department number, division and profit center (also found in your ADP profile)
  • Verify your email address
  • Add your frequent traveler program information
  • Activate E-Receipts



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