Not a genius? Not a problem -  Emotional intelligence ranks big in business

Posted by Creative and Communications on 09.20.2016
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We recently came across a blog that featured a message we felt was important to share. Many of us have it ingrained in us that a high IQ - intelligence quotient - is the be-all, end-all. But as it turns out, new research has shown that in business, your emotional intelligence, or EQ, is more likely to help lead you to success in the business world.

"Moving away from academia and into business, research from the Carnegie Institute of Technology3 found that 85% of financial success is generated from people skills while only 15% of financial success is due to technical knowledge." - Headway Capital Blog

Let's check in and see what else this blog from Headway Capital says:

Many employers are now actively seeking candidates with exceptional EQ skills, including conscientiousness and openness. This is not surprising, considering that people who are open to experience are more likely to be imaginative, sensitive to their feelings and intellectually curious, while conscientious people are disciplined, compliant and excellent at planning ahead. And these are not the only two personality traits that are deemed more important for success than intelligence.

So, for those of us who struggled in a classroom setting and were not born with the gift of a genius level IQ, there is no need to fear. Despite there being little evidence to suggest that intelligence can be taught, personality traits, on the other hand, can be developed, strengthened and enhanced. Read our full infographic to learn more about 8 traits that will enable you to be just as — if not more — successful than any of your brainbox competitors.

Courtesy of: Headway Capital

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