Next on MTV Cribs: Check out Arrowhead & ACM's new offices

Posted by Facilities on 01.20.2016



No, we’re not really going to be featured on the MTV show Cribs, where rappers delight in showing off their gold-plated hot-tubs. But we are excited about new offices opening, because it’s a great sign of our company’s growth and presents opportunities for our employees to relocate.Arrowhead and ACM have jointly opened a Roseville, California office. For those who don’t know – Roseville is a suburb of California’s capital (Sacramento) with a population of over 120,000. It might be a small city but it helps our companies create a larger presence in Northern California.

Why Northern California?

“Expanding into the Sacramento area allows us to better serve independent agents and brokers in this area,” explained Becky Pinto, president of Arrowhead’s Workers’ Compensation Program.

“We understand the importance of establishing a larger presence in Northern California, and this expansion is in direct response to our clients’ needs. This growth will also support our numerous clients who need quality service providers proximal to their primary place of business,” said ACM’s president of workers’ compensation, Deirdre Gonzalez.

The new office opened in the fall of 2015 and expanded service and operational capabilities for both companies. As Arrowhead’s fourth California location, the new office houses additional marketing and support staff for Arrowhead's Personal Auto, Workers' Compensation and Personal Property insurance programs. It also ensures a more robust sales and client service presence throughout Northern California.

Employees who relocated to NorCal

One employee who was excited for the opportunity to move to the Sacramento area and work from the Roseville office was Johana Alvarez. Last summer, she was promoted to be the new Northern California Wheels territory manager. 

Joining Johana in the new office are Michele Mayer, Arrowhead’s Northern California Workers’ Compensation territory manager and Bill Sale, senior underwriter for Workers’ Compensation. ACM’s Roseville location employees are Gina Wood, negotiations & resolutions unit manager, Matthew George and Robin Gebreyesus, who both work as hearing representatives, Sandee Turner, a junior negotiator and Julianne Saunders, a bill review quality analyst. We hope you are each enjoying your new digs!

Growing, growing, growing   

The opening of the office also marks ACM’s sixth U.S. branch office, serving as a regional base for ACM's claim industry professionals. The expansion provides additional capacity for customer support, data management and comprehensive claim administration for ACM’s clients. 

Arrowhead will add a fifth office in February in San Francisco, California, with Caroline Barwick leading the charge for the new All Risk Program. And ACM will add a seventh location later in 2016 by joining the Arrowhead office in Overland Park, Kansas.




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