Mo’ money mo’ problems – Getting invoices paid & check requests processed

Posted by Accounting on 03.18.2016


Our Accounting Team wants to provide you with all the key steps to ensure your vendors are paid on time. Take a look below and don’t be shy if you still have questions. Especially those of you dealing with multiple companies within our organization – there are different submission processes for all of them.

Check requests and invoices

Keep in mind, the last day to submit any check requests and invoices is approximately six business days prior to the last day of the month. This is due to the nature of month-end for our accounting team. But you can bet that final due date is going to be prior to the 24th every month, so play it safe and get it in to them by then.

Check requests for Arrowhead and ACM companies 
  1. First, you will want to make sure your manager has added you to the approved check requester list with Accounting.
  2. Next, you can download the check request form here.
  3. Complete the form and email it to:
    1. for Arrowhead requests
    2. for ACM company requests
    3. for OnPoint Underwriting requests
    4. for Bellingham Underwriting requests

Accounting says normal turnaround for checks to be cut and mailed is 5-7 business days from the receipt of your email. If you’d like a confirmation once the check has been mailed, please be sure to add that note to your original check request form.

Invoices to be paid   

Allan Sumner, our company controller, says sending invoices ready for payment via email is your best bet. “Sending invoices to Accounts Payable by email makes it easier for you to track your request should something get lost through the cracks,” Allan said. 

New vendor?

Remember, our accounting team needs a completed W-9 form on file before they can issue payment for your new vendors, producers or brokers.

Be sure to include all of the following info for invoices that need to be paid:

How to email invoice submissions:
  • Completed W9 if new vendor
  • Vendor name
  • Invoice number
  • GL account
  • Amount to be paid
  • Authorized signature for payment
How to submit invoices in person:


  • Authorized signature
  • Date
  • GL account number
  • Amount


Please send all check requests, approved invoices and inquiries to:


ACM and subsidiaries:

OnPoint Underwriting:

Bellingham Underwriting:



If you have questions about any of this information, do not hesitate to reach out to our accounting leadership team - Steve Gorlick, Irina Kranz or Allan Sumner.



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