Nerding out at Meet Up Mondays

Posted by Information Systems on 01.20.2016
Information Systems


San Diego employees can join the IS-led Meet Up Mondays where twice a month for 30 minutes at lunchtime you are invited to join a TED-style talk where a coworker will be sharing their ideas.

"We have a lot of talent here," said Tom Lugo, the Meet Up Mondays initiator, "and even though we are traditionally a Java house, we should be looking at additional problem solving with other technologies." Tom, a software engineer, said the IS team is all about problem solving, and creating this new meeting environment allows them to think outside the box and challenge themselves and each other.

"It's really a way to cross-train our existing talent in-house," Tom continued, "and it's nice to be able to all nerd out together." If you would like to learn more about Meet Up Mondays, give Tom Lugo a shout. He'd love to hear from you.

 Do you have to nerd out with the technology gurus? No. But it is a great concept and one that could work with all teams at our companies. It's an opportunity to share your knowledge base with others and in turn learn from your coworkers. Who knows....maybe someday soon our company will implement an innovation award where all employees are challenged to create some sort of innovative solution to a business problem that has been plaguing our company for years.

Want our company to host an innovation contest? Show your interest here:


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