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Posted by Creative and Communications on 11.17.2016
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Thanksgiving provides us with a reminder to say thanks and appreciate everything that we have. That's why this month, managers and supervisors around our company want to share their gratitude with the employees who are standing out with a shout-out. Our list is long so be sure to check twice and let your coworkers know you saw their name and give them extra recognition. 

For the past few weeks, notes of gratitude have been rolling in from our leadership around the company. Their goal during this season of thanks is to shine a spotlight on those super star employees who go above and beyond and to let them know why they're appreciated so much. And now, without further ado, we'd like to present our coworkers who deserve a standing ovation, a pat on the back and a high-five for always going the extra mile, lending a helping hand and being a cheerleader for our teams. Way to knock it outta the park, everyone! 
Thank you's all around 


To: Nancy Semler, an underwriting assistant with 18 years of service for our Automotive Aftermarket Program in Overland Park, KS 

"With 18 years under her belt, Nancy has probably been involved with every account we’ve ever written! She’s not afraid to take on hard challenges. Nancy also encourages her team members to reach for the stars. She’s our team’s cheerleader. She doesn’t expect anything out of them that she doesn’t expect of herself. We’re grateful to have Nancy on our team." - Cindi Hodes, processing manager - Automotive Aftermarket  

To: Vichet Labe, lead program underwriting analyst for our Workers' Compensation Program in our San Diego office

"Vichet is an awesome teammate and a quiet leader. Vichet leads by example, and is always thorough and detailed in her work. She has the utmost integrity and is never too busy to help someone or answer a question. She is a truly a joy to have as part of our team!"- Debbie Sidley, audit manager - Workers' Compensation  

To: Deborah Clark, underwriting assistant for our Automotive Aftermarket Program in our Overland Park, KS office 

"Deborah has been a rock star on the Zspire platform. She has developed training material, along with training everyone that works in the Zspire platform. We are grateful that she updates the WIKI with new and updated information, along with updating the weekly bulletin with the changes that were made in the WIKI. I am grateful that she has taken on  quality checking as needed. Deborah is always willing to help out, at any time, to get things accomplished. She’s truly a gift to our department and this Thanksgiving I want her to know how grateful we are to have her working with us." - Theresa Kelley, processing manager - Automotive Aftermarket   

To: Arthur Webner, IT support services associate, in our Carlsbad office 

"Arthur has been a huge addition to our team since he came aboard as a temp back in February. From day one, he jumped right in and absorbed as much as he could. After two weeks, he was on the phones taking calls by himself. Even though his tenure has been short, he’s an excellent resource for our other two new teammates. Great job Arthur!" - Blaine Vriezelaar, IT support services manager 

To: Bill Sale, senior underwriter with 3 1/2 years of service for our Workers' Compensation Program in our Roseville, CA office. 

"Bill took on the challenge and moved his family to Roseville in order to help lead our division’s growth initiative in Northern California.  He is passionate about winning new business and holds his brokers accountable for renewal retention. Bill is a solid member of the work comp underwriting team." - Kristin Launder, VP underwriting - Workers' Compensation  

To: JoAnne Montillano, underwriter with nine years of service for our Workers' Compensation Program in our San Diego office. 

"JoAnne is a ray of sunshine and always has a smile on her face.  She is always willing to go the extra mile and lend a helping hand to her teammates, her manager or other divisions within our team.  Her agents all love her for her responsiveness. We are thankful we have JoAnne on our team." - Laura Mills, underwriting manager - Workers' Compensation 

To: Roy Ma, select team underwriter for our Workers' Compensation Program in our San Diego office 

"Roy is always willing to go above and beyond to get things done in our department. On any given day you will find him helping to get Quick Quote marketing information out to our brokers via mail merge, working additional hours to get the job done or just offering assistance to his teammates. Thanks for your hard work Roy! I am grateful to have you on the team." - Tessie Cox, senior underwriter II - Workers' Compensation  

To: James Duncan, senior underwriter with 11 years of service with our Workers' Compensation Program in our San Diego office

"James is truly one of our most cheerful underwriters and such a great sport! His agents love him and we continually get positive feedback. Everyone needs a James on their team to succeed and we’re grateful to have him." - Linda Kidder, VP underwriting - Workers' Compensation  

To: Paige Larson, administrative assistant with a few months experience in the Tribal Program in our Denver office

"Paige is a welcome addition to the Tribal team. Her knowledge and experience with PowerPoint and Excel is very helpful giving us the ability to create presentations, data charts and graphs for existing clients and potential clients. She also created and is maintaining a WIKI page for both the ACM tribal and Extra Space teams – a one-stop area for the teams to view best practices, procedures and pertinent information. We are now able to share information quickly and easily among all team members." - Maureen Seifert, VP Tribal Claims  

To: Albert Murillo, auto adjustor with ACM in our Carlsbad office since 2010 

"Albert accepts a large volume of work with diverse duties, all with a great attitude. Albert is no stranger to hard work (CQ files, Theft claims, Arbs…)!  Albert lends his time to help other adjusters with complex policy coverage issues and he does so happily. He is a wealth of knowledge!" - Daniel Toscano, claims supervisor - ACM  

To: Mireyli Gaspar, total loss adjuster, who joined our Alpharetta team in 2015

"Mireyli has been a strong contributor to our claims team since she came aboard as a claims assistant in April 2015.  She is always willing to assist others and has currently played an important role and is still involved in the transition with the first notice of loss process to Fusion. Mireyli was promoted to total loss adjuster in April 2016 and has been doing a very good job in her new role while continuing to assist with the implementation of Fusion into our claims process. Thank you for support, initiative and great work ethic Mireyli" - Doug Smith, claims manager - ACM

To: Eva Gilmore, property examiner who has been with ACM in our Tampa office for a year and a half 

"Eva came aboard with ACM and immediately distinguished herself as our most efficient property adjuster, paying and closing claims in most cases the same day she received documentation. When claim volume went up due to weather, she started coming in the office at the crack of dawn to make sure customers received the same great service!" - Tim Allen, VP Property - ACM  

To: Nisha Kobell, commercial claims adjuster working in our Carlsbad office since 2012

"Nisha has been an instrumental part of our commercial department over the recent years. She has trained several of the group members and is familiar with almost every account managed by the department. She assists with addressing teammates' questions and receives frequent accolades from our clients regarding her work product.  She is our permanent rock star!" - Damien Carlson, commercial claims supervisor - ACM 

To: Sheryl Nevotti, Tribal Worker Benefits adjuster working from our Denver office since 2011

"Sheryl has been with ACM since the inception of the Tribal program. She is hard working, reliable, friendly, and always responsive to call claimants and insureds. Clients always comment that she does a terrific job and she deeply cares about both her team and the program she works on. She is instrumental to the success of the Tribal program!" - Maureen Seifert, VP Tribal Claims 

To: Carolyn Marshall, licensing and compliance coordinator in our San Diego office since 2014

"Making sure all of our entities are property licensed, managing all our employees licenses, continuing education and keeping the state(s) updated with current and accurate information.  The list goes on and all of these tasks are so important to our organization.  Thank you Carolyn Marshall for all your hard work and attention to detail and for always going above and beyond to get the job done! It is a pleasure to have you on the team and we appreciate you!" - Wendy Castelo, VP marketing operations

To Cheryl Primas, client service manager for ACM Workers' Compensation in our San Diego office

“Cheryl always goes above and beyond. She's responsive and willing to help her team, co-workers and me without being asked. Cheryl and her team continue to provide exceptional customer service to our largest clients, brokers and employers. Thank you Cheryl, I am so grateful to have you on our team.” - Debbie Palfy, ACM director of program claims 

To: Alisa Siverand, director residential earthquake program with 15 years of service in our San Diego office

"Alisa is an invaluable part of the Res Eq team. Starting out as a CSR and through her continued hard work and dedication, she has been promoted to director. She takes ownership of our operations and keeps the ship running. Alisa continually receives compliments and gratitude from our insureds, producers and carrier partners as she excels in customer service.  We are lucky to have her." - Angie Keus, VP Residential Earthquake Program

To: Tyler Wirontono,  strategic planning manager for our Residential Earthquake Program in San Diego  

"Tyler joined the Res EQ team just over a year ago from Corporate Accounting. Tyler was our accounting leader, and through this working relationship we saw how dedicated and invested he was with every aspect of his job. Since moving over to our team, Tyler has been instrumental in launching our Small Commercial Quake program and has been the primary underwriter for that program. He has created and automated key reports for internal review, producers and carriers. He wears many hats and is able to adapt quickly to our ever changing  program.  He is a huge resource for our team and we are thankful to have him." - Angie Keus, VP Residential Earthquake Program

To: Liang Chang, AVP, corporate catastrophe modeling

"Liang joined Arrowhead a few short years ago. Liang is a PhD, CCRA and has published several papers on Seismic Risk Assessment and conducted high profile research projects such as FEMA New Madrid Seismic Zone Catastrophic Earthquake Planning. Liang has been instrumental for the Res EQ Team and a resource for other lines of businesses. He has created new rates, developed our CAT modeling process for both internal use and for carriers and built out a data dashboard.  Liang is one of the nicest and easiest people to work with and continues to be invaluable in developing new producers and rates." - Steve Bouker, EVP Arrowhead

To: Karen Dominguez, underwriting customer support for our Personal Property Program in Carlsbad 

"Karen started with Arrowhead back in 2014 as our receptionist. She’s since moved up twice within the team, and currently provides customer care to our clients. Karen is a quiet workhorse. She is fast and accurate, and always does a professional job. A special thanks to Karen, who’s always willing to help, and gives 110% every day!  Thank you!" - Crystal Million, VP operations and underwriting (Personal Property)

To: Diana Correa-Solis, underwriting customer support for our Personal Property team in Carlsbad 

"Diana has been in our department since 2015 and moved from Underwriting Customer Support to the Underwriting department in early 2016, and was able to learn a new job and adjust to the position in a short time. Diana does a great job handling those difficult calls that come in occasionally. Since I sit on the other side of the wall from her I can hear how the calls are going and she handles them like a champ and knows where to get the correct answers to help the clients." - Lorna Boisseau, training coordinator (Personal Property)

To: Melissa Claypool and Jackie Miller

"Kudos to both Melissa Claypool, operations manager in our Denver office, and Jackie Miller, program manager for our Manufactured Housing Program in Phoenix. They are fabulous to work with. I truly don’t know how some of our office moves will occur without people like them. My gratitude goes out to them." - Vicki Miljkovic, IT operations manager

To: Lindsey Whitney, an underwriting assistant for three and a half years experience with our Automotive Aftermarket Program in Overland Park 

"Lindsey has been a lead/mentor for the Express platform. From the beginning of the platform to where we are today, Lindsey has facilitated testing, spot-checking for system bugs, providing input for processes and has worked tirelessly to get everything done. While leading/mentoring the Express platform, she has processed a full work load and worked a large renewal on another platform we proposed and bound. Lindsey has put in many hours of hard work and dedication.  At this time of Thanksgiving, I want to share our gratitude to Lindsey for all she has done and being part of our team, organization." - From Teri Allen, operations manager (Aftermarket)

To: Christina Brady, an investigation assistant with the ISI / ACM team since 2012

"Christina accepts a large volume of work from multiple sources both within and outside of ACM with a very positive attitude. She handled assigning cases, reviewing of reports and working with our clients on a daily basis, all while keeping a positive attitude." - Tim Cloney, VP (ISI)

To: Rob Swenson, accounting leader/director of financial reportingwith our corporate accounting department for three years in our San Diego office 

"Rob has improved efficiency within the department over the last few years by automating many processes. A great team player, he is always willing to put in extra time to ensure deadlines are met. He's been the primary resource to the Arrowhead accounting team and has provided numerous hours of support to other National Programs offices for the Workday system transition - Allan Sumner, CPA (Corporate Accounting) 

To: Cheryl Alsagoff, with two years under her belt as HR coordinator in our San Diego office

"Cheryl is a rock star who makes an invaluable contribution to our entire department. She goes the extra mile to help out her co-workers and teammates, happily volunteers to work on projects and is a pleasure to work with. We are lucky and grateful to have her on our team. - Tish Masucci, HR manager. 

To: Vanessa McGonis, HR/payroll specialist in our San Diego office for three years

"Vanessa goes above and beyond in everything she does. She is constantly assisting employees with payroll and benefits questions with her friendly and happy attitude. Vanessa started as a payroll assistant and was quickly promoted to HR/payroll specialist. We are lucky and thankful to have such a professional, hard working employee on our team."  - Tish Masucci, HR manager. 


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