You've got 99 problems but licensing isn't one of them

Posted by Marketing Ops | Licensing on 01.20.2016
Marketing Ops | Licensing

Got a licensing question? Need another license? Our Licensing and Compliance Department can help; it’s just one of the multitude of tasks and projects that they perform to ensure that sales, marketing and compliance for every program flow smoothly.


“Our job is to make the whole licensing procedure run seamlessly,” said Wendy Castelo, vice president of Marketing Ops. “Occasionally a manager will forget that we can provide this service for them, and instead they waste a lot of time setting their employee up with training, exams, fingerprinting, etc.” The licensing team led by Carolyn Marshall can handle it much more quickly and efficiently in house.

As the licensing and compliance coordinator for Arrowhead, Carolyn manages our entity and individual licenses - currently totaling 2,023. When not busy renewing licenses, she facilitates new hire licensing needs, from setting up classroom training, exams, fingerprints and backgrounds to delivery of the license to the individual. Continuing education notifications and state affiliations also keep Carolyn busy. 

“Carolyn is your go-to resource for all licensing needs,” Wendy added.” She will work with you, start to finish, ensuring your division licensing needs are met and more importantly, remain compliant.”


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