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Posted by Creative and Communications on 01.20.2016
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In 2016, we'll be six years old - on Arrowhead’s social media, that is. Six years as an active presence on multiple social media outlets. Since the social media playing field is a tricky space for B2B companies like ours, we’re shifting our focus to promote more of our company’s culture. We think this is a great place for interested future coworkers to scout us out and see if working with us is a cultural fit.

Without even knowing it, a group of our employees have become our social media ambassadors. And we’d like to give them a quick shout-out and a huge thank you for all their likes, comments and posts. High-fives all around to Lisa Stahl, Steve Terry, Julie Ramirez, Julie Harmsen, Stacie Pirrone, Kristie Lyons, Naara Arias and Cathy Curry.

So, what exactly do these social media ambassadors do? Interact in various social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or YouTube. They’re a positive influence for Arrowhead, liking, commenting, sharing, aiding conversations. They help us show the warm and human side of Arrowhead. And as social media ambassadors do these things, they’re also building customer goodwill, solidifying Arrowhead’s online reputation and positively influencing sales. And they do it all in about five minutes a day, just a few days a week.

After all, the whole purpose of social media is to have conversations; and unless someone is responding and adding to the conversation, we’re just talking to ourselves. And how boring is that?

That’s why we need more social media ambassadors: to like, share and interact with us and others who post on our various social media pages.

We're working with our executive team and management to make sure everyone has access to our social media pages while at work. If your company does not have a social media presence but you would like to create one, contact the Creative and Communications team. We're happy to help!

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