Concur is new system for all company travel and expenses

Posted by Accounting on 03.18.2016

Hey late adopters, you’ve got just one more week to switch to Concur to make travel reservations and create expense reports. After March 28, 2016, Expensables will no longer be in use.


Why the switch to Concur?

Because our smartphones are our desk-away-from-home, Brown & Brown found an easier solution for travel and expenses. Now, using your smart phone, you can book travel, change your travel plans, upload receipts, create expense reports and approve expense reports, wherever you are.

Booking travel is easier, because everything you need is on one mobile app.
  • Take advantage of your reward credit cards: if one card rewards you for hotel stays, use it to book your hotel while you use a different card that rewards you with airline miles to book your flight
  • Users can store all frequent traveler program information and when reservations are booked they will automatically link to the reservation
  • Connect to your favorite travel apps to your Concur account
  • Your travel bookings link straight to your expense report, saving you time

Expense reporting is crazy-easy, just snap and go!

  • Snap photos of your receipts as you go and toss the receipts. No more fumbling to find paper receipts
  • Fill out expense reports on the mobile app: easy, all-in-one process
  • Shortcuts make expense reports even easier, such as mileage calculations, Uber e-receipts.
  • Faster reimbursement (weekly, not twice monthly: if your report is in and approved on Wed., you’ll receive payment the following Wed.)
  • Link your favorite apps, such as Starbucks and Uber, and e-receipts are automatically added to your Concur account
  • For managers, there are enhanced analytics for all reimbursable spend by teammate, profit center, department, expense category, and vendor- with easy reporting features

Is it really that easy?

We asked some of the ACM folks that are already using it, and here’s what they said:

“Love the new Concur mobile app. You can take photos of your receipts, input an expense and submit a report right from your phone. The integration with TripIt is a very big upgrade which keeps great track of your trips and your itinerary. The weekly reimbursement is huge added bonus of using Concur.” – Deirdre Gonzalez, president, Workers’ Compensation, ACM

“Our use of Concur is at its infant stage (started using two weeks ago). I will say I am impressed with the mobile app (much more feature-rich), the nice PDF attachment that comes with the notification we have an expense account to approve, and really love the weekly reimbursement!” – Scott Marshall, CEO, ACM

“I used Concur this week to book a flight, hotel and car and had no problems. It was easy to use and it was nice to have all the options consolidated into one site.“ – Dhara Patel, president, Property & Casualty, ACM

What are you waiting for?

Did you miss training? Lucky for you, there are still a few sessions remaining.

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Get set up

Follow these six steps; click on links if you need help:

  1. Visit the site,, sign in and create a password. Your user name is your work email address; your temporary password is welcome (all lowercase)
  2. Before you can book travel or submit expense reports, you must:
    1. Change your password upon initial log-in
    2. Review and update your profile information including credit card info (help: Updating Travel Profile and Updating Expense Profile)
      1. Verify that your first, middle and last name appears as it does on your driver’s license (critical for booking airfare and car rental)
      2. Your credit card info needs to be entered; it does not transfer from your old account
  3. Set up your banking information for Expense Pay Direct Deposit: Expense Pay User Procedures
    *Concur will do a penny test to confirm your bank account. Once it is confirmed, you will be able to submit your expense report. Please allow 24 hours for confirmation.
  4. Verify your email address to forward travel plans and receipts: Verifying Email
  5. Activate E-Receipts: Activating E-Receipts
  6. Download the Concur mobile app: Apple | Android
Here’s more help

Let’s say it’s 11 p.m. Tuesday night and you’re trying to book flights or get all your expenses turned in by Wednesday’s deadline – but you need help and have questions. Don't fret! Concur has a wealth of videos and quick guides to help out:

Got more questions? Email Vanessa McGonis from Arrowhead's HR team. Just don’t try to call her at 11 p.m.

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