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Posted by Creative and Communications on 08.24.2016
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hotspot_header-01.pngWe know our coworkers have gobs of wisdom to share, so we're providing a HotSpot for what's hot and what's not on the literary and cinema circuit. Anyone within our companies can submit a review - good or bad - of a book, movie or show and we'll post your thoughts on this blog page. Updates will be made regularly so check back every month.

First, we'd like to welcome you to the HotSpot and we hope the recommendations below help you make a decision about what to watch and or read. And thank you to all who have provided what's hot or not below. Have a recommendation? Scroll to the bottom of this page to submit your movie or book review.


September 2016 Recommendations

Movie review by Steve Terry

Searching for Sugar Man 

In the early 1970’s he was signed in Detroit and recorded two albums. They didn’t sell well, and as the story goes, the despondent musician took his own life while on stage. Meanwhile, in South Africa, his music exploded in popularity. He never knew. And his South African fans didn’t know much about him. This is the story about two fans trying to track down the story behind their musical hero, considered “bigger than Elvis” in South Africa. Despite the somber history, surprisingly uplifting. 

August 2016 Recommendations


Angela Yates, Underwriting Account Manager, Bellingham, WA

Book review by Angela Yates

Thunder Boy JR, by Sherman Alexie, illustrated by Yuyi Morales

A beautifully illustrated book begging to be read aloud, Sherman and Yuyi have created a narrative honoring family and culture while seeking individuality. A delightful story about a Native American boy trying to carve out his own identity. Its depth grows with each read.








KellyMcMullen_Skydiving.jpegKelly McMullen, Social Media & Marketing Specialist

Movie Review bY kelly mcmullen

Jason Bourne

If you like to watch daredevil stunts, this might be the series for you. This action-packed film is filled with espionage and thrills at every turn. As number five in the Bourne series, it is worth escaping the heat of the summer and watching on the big screen. Some of the fight scenes are a little long, but it builds on to the previous four movies in the series - overall a thumbs up. If you need to fill a weekend, start off with the original The Bourne Identity, followed by The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, and The Bourne Legacy.



Rod Redfern, Underwriter, Bellingham, WA

Movie Reviews by Rod Redfern

Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) – Classic tale told with muppets about a bitter old man, redemption, and a poor medical plan that doesn’t cover crutches.

Other People’s Money (1991) – Gregory Peck squaring off against Danny Devito over the soul of a company at a shareholders meeting. 

9 to 5 (1980) - Three female secretaries decide to get revenge on their tyrannical, sexist boss by abducting him and running the business themselves.



Tasha Avery, Account Manager, Arrowhead Automotive Aftermarket, Overland Park, KS


A Better Way to Live, by OG Mandino

In this powerfully inspiring book, OG Mandino provides simple, easy to follow rules on how to obtain true happiness from within. Instead of giving up too soon in life - blowing with the wind, lost and fearful - he describes how important it is to get right back up again and live the life of your dreams.

From living a life of despair and hopelessness, to then overcoming these circumstances by developing inner growth strategies (by reading and studying motivational and success books) using this newfound mindset he then found a more positive and fulfilling way to live.

  • Realize that true happiness lies within you
  • Count your blessings
  • Live this day as if it will be your last
  • Build this day on a foundation of pleasant thoughts


NatalieLara_HotSpot.jpgNatalie Lara, AVP Marketing & Communications, San Diego, CA

Netflix review by natalie lara

Stranger Things - Netflix Original

Who has time for movies? I like to Netflix binge and my latest obsession was Stranger Things. I managed to hammer through all 8 episodes in 3 days – I’m a marathon pro both on my feet and with my feet up in front of the tube. The show is a super neat 80s throwback - think Goonies meets modern psychological thriller. I don’t usually like suspenseful and scary shows but this one was awesome. The music was amazing, too!







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