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Posted by IT | HelpDesk | Security on 01.20.2016
IT | HelpDesk | Security


Have you used our new Service Desk? Still thinking about Footprints? Because heads up - that was soooo last year. The Help Desk team retired their old ticketing system on December 1, 2015 and introduced their shiny new Service Desk customer portal.

This new system offers self-service tools with FAQ’s and common how-to’s. It also generates a ticket so you can track everything from your email.


As a reminder, the service desk customer portal is not currently available off of our network. Here’s a rundown of what type of requests you can submit:


All employees can make these requests:
  • Help Desk assistance - If you email, a request will automatically be created for you
  • Facilities requests
  • Loaner equipment requests (if applicable for your location)

Only approved submitters can make these requests:

(Appointed by Division Leaders)

  • Purchases (restricted to some users)
  • New user requests
  • Add/remove access
  • Update employee info
  • Department transfer
  • User termination
  • Auditor access requests
  • Phone system changes
  • User moves


Emailing the Help Desk to create a ticket:

If you "cc" additional people when you email the Help Desk, they will not be included on your ticket.  Follow these steps to add participants after you create a ticket.

  • Email the Help Desk – do not "cc" additional people
  • Once you receive the “Jira Created” email, you can reply to that email and "cc" additional participants to be included in the conversation.
  • All replies to an issue should be sent to the Jira email that has the ticket number in the subject line, so they are entered into the ticket and seen by all parties.
  • If you "cc" other people and they reply to the Help Desk (rather than Jira), it creates a new request for every reply.
  • Account access/modifications cannot be requested via an email to the Help Desk.  Those need to be submitted through the customer portal by a manager or supervisor.
  • It’s important to select the appropriate request type, to ensure the appropriate people are notified of your request.
  • Supply orders are no longer placed with Facilities; they should be submitted as a purchase request.
  • Remember to utilize our self-service knowledgebase for common FAQs and how to’s.
  • All user terminations (FT and temp) should be sent to HR, and they will submit the ticket.

 Need a little extra TLC with this new system? Watch the video: Help Desk Customer Portal


Here's a handy path where you'll find the link to this service portal:
  1. Visit our Intranet (Yeah, yeah, you think that site is outdated. Try thinking of it as retro until we get the green light to update it...)
  2. Click on Departments in the upper navigation
  3. Click on Information Technology/Help Desk, then click on the image on the upper right that says Click to Submit Help Desk Request
  4. Nope, not done yet. Crazy, right! Now click on the image at the right that says Login to submit your request. Voila!
  5. May we suggest you bookmark this login page.

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