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Posted by Creative and Communications on 11.17.2016
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Jamie Cox is a commercial lines service manager with our Automotive Aftermarket Program based in the Overland Park, KS office. In her second guest blog, she's sharing practical and tactical ways to implement a peer-based recognition program to help boost employee engagement. 

Peer recognition   

by Jamie Cox,  commercial lines service manager, Automotive Aftermarket 

In October, I shared four simple techniques that leaders can use to engage their team and help boost morale. One of the key concepts that I discussed was recognition. When a supervisor or manager recognizes an employee for a job well done, it not only makes the employee feel respected, it also gives them confidence that the work they perform each day is valued. However, the task of recognizing employees does not lie solely on the leader of that team. It can also come from the peers that they work with on a daily basis.

In the Overland Park office, the Automotive Aftermarket Service Team has been “Fishin’ for Recognition." This peer-based recognition program was introduced as a platform for employees to recognize their coworkers. Whether a coworker is always there to help explain complicated issues, or they always jump in to lend a hand, this program helps recognize these daily examples of teammwork that could go unrecognized by our leadership. Another great benefit for this program is that coworkers can also recognize peers outside their department who have gone above and beyond their duties by helping them out. 

In the end, being recognized for a job well done by someone who works beside you day in and day out not only increases employee engagement, it confirms that they are appreciated and part of a team who values them. 


Fishin’ for recognition program

Here is how the Fishin' for Recognition program started in the Overland Park office.

When you feel someone has gone above and beyond and you want to recognize them for this, you: 

  1. Go grab a fish from the Fishin' Folder. Include your name, the name of the person you want to recognize and the reason you want to recognize them.
    1. Additional recognition can be given for situations that stand out or are new, such as the first time an employee outside of the team is recognized
  2. Monthly, the manager of the team will do a random drawing of all the fish that were submitted. The selected fish recipient and the person who submitted the recognition will both receive a small gift.
  3. Once you are done put your fish in the fish bowl
  4. After all of the fish have been pulled from the fish bowl, they will be hung on the fish net for all to see!


From Left to Right: Jamie Cox, Rachel Vest, account manager and
Carolyn Burnett, service team.

Rachel Vest was the first recognized coworker outside of their team last month

Photo 3.jpg



Photo 2.jpg

We hope that sharing this easy-to-implement recognition program will get your wheels turning so that you can create one for your department. Remember, this initiative does not have to begin with a manager. We encourage employees to create their own peer-based recognition programs and share the concepts so other teams will join in the fun. 


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