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Posted by Creative and Communications on 06.22.2017
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Brown & Brown’s 2017 Annual Sales Conclave was held in Las Vegas earlier this spring, and Arrowhead had a line-up of 30+ winners. We’re very proud of all of you! If you haven’t already done so, offer them your congratulations.

Our Residential Earthquake team won 2016 Program Services of the Year and ACM was named 2016 Services Office of the Year. Congratulations, both teams! Now for the individual awards...

2016 Top Gun of the Year   What happens in Vegas...

Maritess Jimenez, DIC Program, was named one of the 2016 Top Guns of the Year for Programs & Services Underwriting. One of the most prestigious awards, it honors account execs who generate the most overall annualized net new business dollars.

Top Gun Sales, Silver Tier:
Jackie Miller, Manufactured Housing

Top Gun Underwriting
Other producers recognized for their top gun underwriting were:

Gold Tier:

Workers’ Comp: David Burnett and Bill Sale   Our Workers' Comp team

DIC: Garreth Germono, Farzaneh Samie, Randy Gehres, Len Quigley, Walter Salas, Christine Sharkey, Michael Martinez
Silver Tier
DIC: Elaine Lamb 
Workers’ Comp: James Duncan, Tirrell Sayles and Carolyn Tarango 
Tribal: Kerry Daly 
Bronze Tier
Workers’ Comp: Massi Maher, Steve Glasper, Tessie Cox and Lynne Taylor

Top Gun of the Office   Our Arrowhead team hams it up

Gold Tier
Maritess Jimenez, DIC and David Burnett, Workers’ Comp
Silver Tier
Jacqueline Miller, Manufactured Housing and Kerry Daly, Tribal
Bronze Tier
Dave Carter, Aftermarket Retail

Top Gun Aftermarket

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Bronze tier winners include: Dave Carter, Daniel Carroll, Ron Aguilar, Matthew Crum and Earl Wong.

Book of Business Club

Those who achieved the Book of Business Club (with sales greater than $500,000) are:
CL EQ/DIC: Christine Sharkey, Garreth Germono, Farzaneh Samie, Maritess Jimenez, Randy Gehres, Walter Salas, Michael Martinez, Elaine Lamb, Len Quigley, Andrew Walker and Beatriz Begg


Workers’ Comp: David Burnett, Bill Sale, Carolyn Tarango, Steve Glasper, James Duncan, Massi Maher and Tirrell Sayles
Manufactured Housing: Jacqueline Miller
Tribal: Kerry Daly, Carol Kats, Ashley Gronquist

Office MVP 
And finally, the award for Office MVP went to Kelli Brock in Aftermarket.


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Congratulations, all of you! We’re looking forward to seeing your names again in 2018!

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