5 ways to build your resilience while WFH

Posted by Creative and Communications on 09.14.2020
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It's been almost six months since we moved to our "home" offices, whether they're in our bedroom, dining room, at the kitchen table or on the couch. 

While some may relish the opportunity to work from home with all its uninterrupted time, others long for the good ol’ days of interacting with coworkers, heading out to lunch and catching up on the latest office gossip.

How’s your resilience been over the past few months? Could you use some help? Check out these 5 tips and view the infographic below.

  • Let yourself experience more positive emotions. Neuroscience experts tell us that our brains are rewired by experience. Experiencing positive emotions like joy not only help us feel good, but function better as well.
  • Build your gratitude with a simple exercise. Take a couple minutes each day to write down a few things you’re grateful for. Pay attention to how this makes you feel. This will help you start to put a positive spin on most any situation.
  • Practice some tranquility exercises. Help your body destress by doing some simple exercises like placing your hand on your heart for a minute, which helps calm neurons around your heart. You can also try massaging your temples for 20-30 seconds to trigger the release of Oxytocin.
  • Give your emotions a quick workout. Believe it or not, our emotions can benefit from exercise as much as our bodies. Help your feelings stay fit by assuming a posture for a more difficult emotion like anger or shame for 30 seconds, then change to a position for the opposite emotion and notice how you start to feel. This helps our body work through emotions we may have struggled with and build our resilience.
  • Challenge yourself to try one new thing each day. Our brains are wired to challenge new information or experiences, which can leave us feeling anxious about trying new things -- even when we know it’s something we have to do. Once we get over that initial fear, however, and push ourselves to do the thing, we start to feel better about ourselves. Trying one new scary thing - big or small - each day is a great natural confidence booster.
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